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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all cake orders unless otherwise agreed in writing. By ordering from Bake it Special you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions and agree that these may occasionally be modified in line with changing circumstances. You will always be notified of any major changes that may affect you or your rights under this contract.



A minimum non-refundable booking fee of £75 is required for all wedding cakes and £20 for all smaller occasion cakes to consider this an order and contract for the above-described services. Booking fees are due upon production of this contract and until the stated fee is received, the date will still be available for sale to other clients. We cannot guarantee availability until the order is confirmed by making the booking fee payment.

The remaining balance will be due 28 days before the delivery date for all wedding cakes or 48 hours before the delivery date for occasion cakes, but you may make payments of any amount/frequency during the term of the contract. Payments not completed by this final date will result in the cancellation of the order.

When purchasing under a special offer which may include a discount or incentive for ordering, your payment terms may change to claim said incentive. Please read the specific offer details as applicable. This does not affect any of your other rights under this contract, and the same cancellation/refund terms shall apply. 

Refunds & Cancellation:

If the above-mentioned order is cancelled, you will forfeit the booking fee at any stage. Booking fees are non-refundable in any circumstances and cover our costs for admin time (including all correspondence, quoting, invoicing and research/sourcing for supplies), loss of income from turning away other bookings for the same date, and any relevant work undertaken (including, but not limited to ordering supplies, making non-edible elements ahead of time, any consultation, design sketch or cake samples supplied and specific equipment/new skill training required).

Should the order be cancelled within the last 28 days for weddings or 7 days for occasion cakes, you will become liable for the full cost to cover the loss of earnings, all relevant supplies ordered and work already undertaken. We are rarely able to replace such an order at such short notice, and by this point will have refused other work to secure our services on the date for you.

Complaints and refunds will only be considered where an issue is reported immediately and where there is a catastrophic failure to supply or meet the terms of this contract. Where the cake has been delivered, this will need to be returned for inspection and investigation and any repairs/refunds will be at the discretion of Bake it Special and are not guaranteed.

If Bake it Special need to cancel your order for any reason e.g., illness/bereavement, all efforts will be made to find an alternative supplier capable of providing an equal service. Where this is not possible a full refund will be issued. We cannot be held liable for more than the cost of the above ordered cake.

Consultation and Cake Tasting:

Wedding cake consultations are strictly via appointment only and will usually be held virtually via Zoom or Google Meet to offer and ensure the most flexibility. Bake it Special do not offer in person meetings from our address to safeguard our home and family life. If you would like to view our work first hand, please contact us for wedding fayre dates and open days at selected venues.  A telephone consultation may take place for minor queries if required but it is extremely difficult to record all details this way so this will always be followed either with a virtual video call or email trail to request and confirm the details.

Consultations are only undertaken for those customers who have already secured their date and require design work. No specific detailed design work or sketching will be done for preliminary enquiries to ensure our creative work cannot be replicated or transferred. Consultations and design work are not offered for semi naked or simple buttercream only cakes as it is not required. This is often as simple as flower placement and choosing flavours so does not require a full meeting and can be finalised via an email exchange.

Consultations and cake tasting are recommended around 4-6 months prior to your wedding date. Cake Sample boxes are produced at 4 points throughout the year, outside of the main wedding season. This is generally September, December, February and April but is subject to alteration dependent on pre-existing cake order commitments. Samples are not available between May and August. Sample boxes are strictly one per couple and can be any combination of flavours from our menu. A redemption code to order will be provided upon securing the wedding cake booking, along with the recommended delivery date according to your wedding timeline.

Following consultation, a final plan of your cake including your flavour choices and a digital sketch of the design will be sent for approval. Written approval of this design by the cake customer and any associated details will form part of this contract and will be subject to all the terms and conditions stated herewith. Where a consultation has not taken place for more basic cakes, a final plan will be sent via email to confirm all details and is subject to the same terms herewith once agreed. Changes can be made to the design at any point up to 28 days prior to your date, and up to 4 revised sketches will be provided. Any additional design work or new sketches over and above this will be subject to further charges. Any changes requested within the final 28 days will be subject to discretion, are not guaranteed and additional charges will be applied. Where we have already started work on your design or ordered specific items, changes may not be possible.




Bake it Special will strive to complete your cake exactly to the description given in your final plan. However, variations may occur with colour and particular design elements as all cakes are hand crafted. Photographs and swatches provided will be matched as closely as possible, but particularly where images are of another baker’s work, we cannot directly copy and will use these for inspiration only. Some flower work may be too delicate to be structurally sound and as such we reserve the right to adjust as necessary. All design elements will be discussed prior to your final plan and any issues raised. Any changes to wedding cake designs must be made at least 28 days prior to delivery, and at least 7 days for occasion cakes. Any cost implications with changing the design will be made in writing and a new plan/invoice issued.

We reserve the right to change the design if at any point circumstances beyond our control compromise the quality or aesthetic of the cake or producing it on time. Suppliers regularly change their design, production and delivery processes, so whilst we will make all efforts to inform of any changes and source alternatives, this may not always be possible.

External Decorations:

If fresh flowers are to be supplied and fitted by a third party on the cake, it is the responsibility of that party to determine flower safety and safe food practices and not Bake it Special. No naked wires or bare flower/foliage should be inserted directly into the cake. Some plants and food/sprays for plants contain pesticides or other toxins which can be fatal. We cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by a third party or products fitted by them. Any items supplied/added by Bake it Special shall be deemed as applied in a food safe way, unless notice is left otherwise.

All external decoration should be removed from your cake before cutting, and any elements added by Bake it Special will be clearly listed on the cake drop off information sheet, to be checked off when removing. Not all elements are obvious, and all stacked cakes will contain concealed dowels and cake boards for structure. Please do not place your hands or face into the cake until all these items have been safely removed. Sugar flowers and models, whilst made from edible materials, can often contain wires, skewers or stamens (made from cotton) so should not be consumed.


Any food allergies/intolerances or issues with goods that may be used during the production/set up of the cake must be declared at the time of ordering. The cake decorator cannot take responsibility for issues raised after production has been started. A full list of ingredients/allergens can be provided per flavour where required. Bake it Special cannot guarantee our kitchen and equipment/produce are allergen free. Therefore, we do not cater for any dietary food allergies. Whilst we do offer ‘free from’ items, these are supplied as a dietary preference only (for example those who choose to adopt a vegan diet, or may choose a wheat free option.). Cake ingredients or machinery may come into contact with nuts, milk, wheat products and other allergens.


The Cake Customer shall provide clear driving directions to the desired delivery location and inform Bake it Special of any adverse road hazards and or obstacles that may damage the finished cake. Cakes are usually delivered in separate tiers and assembled on site to avoid any such issues, but this is not always possible due to design restrictions, so please consider this when ordering your cake if your venue is particularly rural or hazardous en route. Likewise, if the cake will need to be manually carried any distance, up multiple flights of stairs or will encounter any obstruction please advise Bake it Special prior to the delivery date as, on occasion, assistance may be required. Where the venue is unable to provide staff or assistance with this, Bake it Special may need to pay a second person to assist with the set up, and an invoice will be issued to the cake customer for such.

In the case of an unavoidable situation where the cake is either damaged in transit or not delivered, such as a car accident or extreme weather conditions during delivery the Cake Decorator cannot be held liable for more than the cost of the above ordered cake. Where this is out of our control, refunds and returns will be at the discretion of Bake it Special.

Please note delivery times are at the discretion of Bake it Special and the venue and cannot be guaranteed. Any issues such as road closures, diversions, accidents or other major delays will be reported to the venue or the emergency contact prior to delivery if the issue is likely to cause a delay or late delivery. No refunds will be offered for delayed delivery.

Please note we do not offer collections for tiered cakes, as they are both extremely heavy and incredibly fragile. However, you may collect smaller occasion cakes and bakery items. Bake it Special work from a private address and as such will meet you at the door to safeguard home and family life. Please collect your order in a vehicle and not by foot/bicycle, we reserve the right to refuse your collection if a suitable vehicle with available space is not present. Your cake is best placed in the boot (clear of other items) or the footwell on a clean, flat surface, preferably on a non-slip mat. Bake it Special can provide a section of non-slip if required.

In warm weather please use the vehicle’s air conditioning to maintain a cool/ambient temperature and never use heat. Never place the cake on your lap or the car seat as any tilt or movement to the box will compromise the stability of your cake. Drive slowly and carefully, particularly when turning or braking. Bake it Special cannot be held responsible for any damage caused after collection. Always pick up your cake box from underneath, where there is a solid cake board supporting the weight of the cake. Cake boxes are very flimsy around the sides, so never hold by the sides or lean the box against your body as this will cause damage.

Cake set up:

The Cake Customer is responsible for ensuring the provision of a suitable and secure table for the cake. Stacked cakes are extremely heavy and require a sturdy, stable surface and suitable environment away from heat, damp or excessive cold. Ideally do not place your cake table in front of a window or doorway, and it must be away from direct heat, sunlight or excessive force/vibration. For marquee or open-air weddings, please ensure your cake table is placed on a solid surface and not a temporary adjustable floor or directly into the ground as these will compromise the stability. We will photograph your cake once setup is complete as proof of condition, and we reserve the right to publish such photos for advertising/publicity purposes. Bake it Special is not responsible for any damage to the cake after setup is complete. This includes having to set up the cake in another room to its final destination as instructed by the venue, where it will be subsequently moved by them later in the day.

Where the venue is unable, or refuse, to offer an alternative table for the cake if the one offered is insufficient, then we reserve the right to not set up and stack your cake. If a cake stand is provided which we believe to be insufficient or not capable of supporting the weight of your cake, we reserve the right to not use said item. Any issues will be reported directly to the venue and/or wedding party and Bake it Special will endeavor to resolve this until it becomes unobtainable. Any such issues with the table, cake stand or positioning of the cake in the room that we are not happy with or able to resolve with the venue will be reported directly to the wedding party for resolution. Bake it Special will not compromise your cake by setting up on an uneven surface, unsuitable position or any circumstance where the cake may not be structurally sound.

Rental items:

All rental items will be for a three-day period. Including the day of the event and two days after. A late fee of £5 per day will be imposed for each day the items are late, up to a maximum of the full price of replacing the item.  Hire fees consist of two parts – a hire fee for the physical use of the item, and a refundable security deposit equal to the cost of replacing the item should it not be returned or is returned and found to be damaged.

If any items that are hired are not returned or are returned damaged in any way, the renter will be responsible for the cost of replacing the entire item and the security deposit will be retained by Bake it Special for such. The security deposit will only be refunded when all rental items are cleaned by the client and returned in the same condition. It is the responsibility of the cake customer to return any hire items directly to Bake it Special unless prior arrangements are made otherwise, and a fee will be charged if Bake it Special need to collect.


Contract Changes:

The Venue, wedding date, cake design and all other details stated herewith form part of your contract with Bake it Special and cannot be changed without prior consultation and written consent. Any changes to these details without consultation will breach this contract and you will be liable for any monies paid/due. Where any changes have been agreed you will receive written confirmation and any additional charges clearly noted.

Where any terms or conditions stated herewith are changed by Bake it Special and may unreconcilably impact either your order or your contractual rights, these will be clearly stated in writing, and you will have the right to end the contract and cancel your order for a full refund.


Any photographs taken by Bake it Special either during the production process or after set-up remain the property of Bake it Special. Such images may be used online for social media, website use or for submission to online publications, and offline for printing marketing or advertising materials. No images of the cake customer or their guests will be used without direct written consent from the cake customer. Any images taken by Bake it Special and shared online must obtain permission and directly credit Bake it Special.

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